Monday, April 25, 2011

A Whole Handful!

She is 5 today!

 Fun at the kite festival

Build a Bear: Mommy and Lily Grace dressing "Sparkles"

Cupcake for Breakfast

 Breakfast in Bed

All set for her first movie


That's right!  Our sweet girl is now 5 years old.  Turning five has been a huge deal around here.  Lily Grace has been so excited and eagerly anticipating this day.  According to her, she even looks five and is officially bigger.  Not to mention, she has now reached the coveted Kindergarten status.  Matt likes to kid her and tell her that he is going to put a rock on her head and stop her from growing.  According to Lily Grace, she told him this morning that he may need to put a car on her head. HA!
With her birthday falling the day after Easter, she has had quite the eventful birthday weekend!  Matt and I have been working to make this time as special and memorable for her (ok..and us) as possible.  We have tried to live in every moment of it because these special moments, while they lend themselves to other special moments, pass by so quickly.  
On Friday we went to Build a Bear and attended Good Friday Mass.  
On Saturday we went to the Chinese Kite festival.  We toured the China exhibit and afterwards, Lily Grace and daddy made their own kite.  It was a perfect day for flying a kite.  We had a great time!  We also dyed Easter eggs and made Ressurection Rolls.  
Sunday brought with it Easter which included sweet treats, egg hunts and of course a wonderful church service to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.
This morning, as is the tradition around here, Lily Grace received breakfast in bed.  Now when you are a "whole handful," a simple breakfast won't do.  Matt and I surprised her with a cupcake breakfast and balloons.  She couldn't believe we were going to let her eat a cupcake for breakfast. (Frankly, I can't believe we did either. HA!)  She was soooo excited!!!  After breakfast in bed it was on to opening gifts and playing.  
We had lunch at Lily Grace's favorite restaurant.  Next up, a movie!  Lily Grace attended her first movie.  We enjoyed Disney's African Cats.  
Our last activity of the day was the same as it has been for the past four birthdays.  We took an impression of her handprint.  It's a special keepsake and a reminder of the many ways that she grows.  
I would say that we have had a wonderfully fun and blessed birthday weekend.  Lily Grace has been a ball of excitement.  Thank you to family and friends who have sent her gifts, cards and wishes.  You have certainly helped make her 5th birthday something very special!!!
You know, I woke at 3:18 am this morning and said to Matt, Lily Grace is 5.  I felt a tug in my heart and heard Matt say something I didn't expect.  He simply said, Hallelujah.  Often times, instead of praising the moment, we tend to immediately start focusing on how it has come and passed us by.  We want to hold on.  I know I do.  She's my baby and I cherish every moment we spend together.  I sometimes forget to praise God for the moment at hand.  Praise God that she has grown  in so many ways and flourished in five years.  Praise God that she is such a sweet spirit and blessing to our family and others.  Praise God that she is our child, a gift.  
Lily Grace, we are so proud of the 5 year old that you are and the big girl that you are growing in to.  We love you more than any words could ever convey.  And remember, no matter how big or old you are, you will always be our baby!!  We love you Gracie Cakes!
Lily Grace is 5!  Thanks be to God! Hallelujah!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

"He is risen." 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recipe for Fun!

Just before the guest arrived

The first guest to arrive

Making Pizza

Cake Decorating...

..and tasting

Her 5th Birthday Cake 

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles

Food and Friends

 A cupcake pinata of course

The sign says it all!  Lily Grace had her 5th birthday party yesterday.  This year, she requested a cooking party.  We had soo much fun!  Guest arrived, washed up, put on their aprons and got their hands dirty.  
First!  Everyone got their own 6" pizza pan, rolled out their own dough and added their own toppings.  
Next up... birthday cake!  That's right, Lily Grace requested that everyone make their own birthday cake since this was a birthday party.  Each guest received their own cake, icing and loads of different decorating sprinkles and toppers.  There was icing and sprinkles everywhere.  It was sweet fun!!  Once everyone finished icing and decorating their cakes, we placed them in their very own bakery boxes to be enjoyed at  home.  
Official birthday cake followed along with gifts and a pinata outside.  This is actually one of my favorite parts of the party.  I love watching all the kids just run around in the backyard without a care in the world, just playing, laughing and having fun together. 
I can't believe that in one short week Lily Grace will officially be five years old.  As we tell her, she will always be our baby no matter how big she gets! 
Thanks so much to everyone for coming yesterday and making the day so special.  We had the best time!  Thanks also to my friends for helping me out in the kitchen!  We are so blessed!

A Match

Lily Grace has been going through this phase where she likes for us to match.  I know, this won't last and so I try to enjoy it and indulge her, even though I don't do the mother-daughter matching outfits.  
However, Lily Grace had her own ideas last week as we got dressed to go get my hair done.  I was drying my hair and she comes in the bathroom to let me know that she is all finished brushing her teeth and asked what she should put on.  (I haven't had a good answer to that myself lately with the constant climate changes around here.... but anyway)  She leaves and returns thrilled to let me know that she has found the perfect outfit.  According to her a "matchy match" outfit.  I laughed so hard (and lost my breath a little because we were about to leave the house)  Nonetheless, she was so proud and it was so cute that I asked her if I could take our picture.  She was all to happy to indulge me and yes, we left the house looking just alike.  
I will admit, the experience (and the glances) left me full of pride too.  Like I said, I know this phase will pass, but it is so sweet and certainly something to savor.  I used to worry so much about how I looked when I went to teach or out and about and while I still try to at least make sure I am clean and hair brushed, I don't worry half as much about that anymore. Even a t-shirt will do just fine.  It's not at all what matters most in life.  It's all about the moments in life, not how you are dressed at the moment.  Thank you Lily Grace for being my constant reminder of that.  I love you and all the moments we share together!

Star of the Day!

Lily Grace was Star of the Day at preschool.  She got to bring home the class album and a friend, Corduroy.  We enjoyed having him visit and Lily Grace was most proud!  
Daddy surprised her by taking the "Star" to school.  She was so excited!  

On her way to school as Star of the Day

Corduroy and Lily Grace did everything together.  Here they are on an outing to the craft store.  Don't you love Lily Grace's "reading glasses?"

Random Moments

 Molly discovered Lily Grace's bunny slippers and was fascinated  by them.  She even tried to pounce on them.  

 Lily Grace has a style all her own, even when it comes to bike riding.

 This is the place Molly runs to first in the mornings.  Just the sound of Lily Grace's voice can get her so excited!

 Something they both love to do!

 Enjoying the weather (and a ride)

Molly is growing by leaps and bounds.  Soooo adorable!

I'm so behind on my blogging (and my laundry- ha!). Just enjoy the pics!