Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful Girls!

Greetings all and happy mother’s day!
Life presents us with many challenges, from birth and beyond.  We all have our unique stories.   If we focus intently on the meaning of our life we may encounter a most perfect human love.  For me I have encountered this love in my most blessed wife.  Each day she lives for the family.  Freely giving of every gift to her daughter.  In awe I witness her life giving love everyday.  
Even in the most dire times she stands guard.  I recall a time when I was away and late in the evening the security alarm was activated.  Barb immediately dialed 911, moved rapidly to Lily’s room, shutting the door and remaining outside on the phone with the 911 operator.  In essence staking her position and daring anyone to gain access to Lily.  Bravery is not a strong enough word.  In the end, after the police searched the house, the alarm cause was a spent back-up battery.  
Barb imparts all her talents to Lily.  She has even taught her to read fluently.  I have even relearned silent e and when two vowels going walking the first one does the talking...and many more.  She has taught her counting, adding and subtracting.  She sews shorts, dresses and skirts for Lily.  And let’s not forget the themed birthday parties that are planned months ahead and executed flawlessly.  
Barb loves her daughter.  She continually puts Lily above herself.  Every word, action and thought flowing from Barb is Love.  What a blessing.  I wish her a very blessed mother’s day. We love her.
Lily Grace, Matty and Molly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Lily Grace was asked to create a person that looked like her for a preschool project.  Of course, she insisted that her twin wear dress up clothes to look like a dancing princess.  This is one of Lily Grace's favorite things to do and most often how she is dressed around here.  However, she has recently promoted herself from dance student to dance teacher. HA!
So, while the rain came down yesterday, we got busy crafting.  We had a lot of fun working on this project.  Lily Grace was all
smiles as she took her twin to school today.  "Two" cute!