Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Place to Call Home

I love this big wood door.

The garden in front of the breezeway.  (Also known in the south as a sun porch)
Two of my favorite picture spots

It's official!  We closed on a house in CT this past Friday. It's a beautiful and very charming 1958 Cape Cod covered with little cedar shanks. It sits on almost two acres of land surrounded by huge mature trees and is topped off with a trout stream just a short walk down the road. (Matt is in heaven.)
When leaving for our house search in CT, many people had advice as to how I would know I had found the right house.  Many people said I would know I had found the one when I walked through the front door and it just felt homey and in my heart I just knew. Well, that didn't happen for me, (well maybe a little) but it did for Matt. He was set on this house the minute he walked in. Lily Grace was smitten right away as well.  

Another friend offered a different piece of advice after she and I had a talk about having a "picture spot" at home. Here in TN, we have a favorite spot where we love to take pictures. You probably know where I'm talking about if you've been to our house. Even if you haven't visited, you've seen it in many blog post on most every special occasion.  It's outside on our front entry in front of the garden.  When touring this house in CT, I  will say, when I saw Lily Grace go immediately to the stairs to play and sit while Matt and I looked around, I thought what a great picture.  I had the same thought in front of the big fireplace, the big wooden front door and outside on the stone walkway in front of the breezeway.  (This is also one of Lily Grace's favorite spots.) This house grew on me each time I thought about it. And the yard.... Oh the yard!  The thought of watching Gracie Cakes run and play under those big trees and one day watching her try to climb those same trees just melted me.  And yes, I do love the idea of a stream just down the road with a hiking trail.  What a great way to spend an afternoon as a family.  
I don't know how long we will live in this house, but I know we can grow in it and share some special memories along the way. Thanks be to God! While it may be cliche, it's even more true...Home IS where our family is.
Time is passing quickly and in three short days we will say goodbye to our old house and to TN. The movers will be here tomorrow to pack everything and with each room there's a memory.  Each room actually holds a picture spot.  I can remember something happening in each room and have the picture to remember it by.    

Our family is so blessed and thankful to move to CT with a place to call home. God is so good!