Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Grader

Molly was all too happy to get in on the posing

Lily Grace on the first day of first grade holding a photo from last year's first day of Kindergarten

A gift for her teacher

The front steps of school

With her principal on the way down to her class

With her first grade teacher

Her new seat and a real desk now

Too cute!  She wore her new pink stethoscope to lunch and checked all of our heartbeats.  

This morning as Matt and I sat downstairs having our morning coffee, we heard a loud "Woooo-hoooo, I'm a First Grader!"  We knew that Lily Grace's alarm had gone off.  
She woke filled with excitement.  (Ok...some of that was due to the fulfilling of her back to school breakfast request, Prosciutto Cups.)
She couldn't wait to get her uniform on and get going.  Before leaving home, she was all too happy to pose for pictures and even informed me that she had some new "first grade poses."  
Once at school, we couldn't get her in the door fast enough.  I managed to hold it together (considering that the tears started hard the night before I'm not sure if that statement is accurate) until we got out of the room and then.........
Once in the car, through the tears were several words like Memphis, home, worried and the ultimate- My Baby!!  It was hard people.  I thought Kindergarten was a tough goodbye, but moving to a new state to a new school was hands down harder.  Matt listened like a trooper and eventually the tears did subside.  He and I ran a few errands to keep occupied and finally I realized that I had been praying for her and now I needed to let God take care of the rest.  
Lily Grace only had a half day today so we picked her up at lunch.  She said she had a good first day and wasted no time making new friends.  We were so happy to see her exit the building holding hands with a new friend she made in class and the excitement on her face as she called me up to introduce me to her.  They were so cute yelling and waving goodbye to each other after we had entered the car. 
Once all buckled in, she tore into a first day surprise Gran had sent her (a new doctor's coat and real pink stethoscope so she could play her favorite character, Doc McStuffin) and we were off to enjoy lunch down by the marina.  The weather has been unbelievably BEAUTIFUL today.  
Thank you God for always hearing our prayers.  Thank you for always taking care of our girl when we can't be there.  Thank you God for the blessing of Matt's job so that Lily Grace can attend Catholic school and freely talk and learn about you each day.  Thank you God for the blessing of the MOST wonderful first grader in the world!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Waiting on the train with Ivy in hand

One very excited girl

American Girl Magazine Cover Photo Shoot

Bitty Baby Area: Adorable

Adorable Decor with lots of Pink

Appetizer Course

Chocolate Mousse Flower Pot for Dessert

So much fun!

Each year, we give Lily Grace a "Special Back to School Day."  She gives ideas of what she would like to do to celebrate the beginning of a new school year and then we choose one.  Last year, she visited Sweet and Sassy for some hair and nail pampering and had High Tea at at a local tea room with dear friend Claire.  
This year, having moved so close to NYC and making a brief stop in American Girl, we had a pretty good idea what would top her idea list. 
This year, she requested a day at American Girl along with enjoying lunch in their cafe.  Matt and I woke her early and surprised her with the day she requested.  
Matt took the day off and we all boarded the train last Friday and headed to the city.  Lily Grace was absolutely beside herself. She brought along Ivy, who happens to be Julie's best friend and informed her on the train ride that she was going to see  Julie, so not to worry. Matt and I loved watching her excitement and hearing her share it with her doll.  
Once there, Daddy surprised her with Julie, the doll she has been hoping for.  Lily Grace was actually shaking as the clerk rang her up.  Once Julie was in hand and had been thoroughly hugged, off we went to the photo studio.  Lily Grace and her girls (as she calls them) had a photo shoot for their very own American Girl magazine.  SOOOO Cute!  As many of you know, Lily Grace has no problem getting her picture made and is all to happy to pose so this was quite the fun experience, especially with dolls included.  
After her photo shoot, we browsed the store for matching shirts and Lily Grace started a mental wish list.  (ok...not so mental as she asked me to take a picture of certain items she is wishing for in the future)  
Once 12:00 hit, we were off for our lunch reservation.  I must say, it was pretty unbelievable.  They thought of everything!!!!  The dolls were made to feel as special as the guest, right down to having their own chairs and a waiter bring them a cup and saucer place setting.  The food was equally as cute.  The decor was a little girl's fantasy and truly made for a fun and memorable lunch.  
After a few more looks around, we boarded the train for home and Lily Grace enjoyed time with her girls, brushing their hair, reading to them and eventually cuddling them up and falling asleep in my lap.  
It was quite the treat this year that we all enjoyed Back to School day as a family.  No doubt, this move has been a change for all of us and not the easiest on Lily Grace.  Those dolls have been her best friends and as soon as they arrived to the new house and were unpacked, she seemed to feel a little more at ease.  It was quite the blessing to be able to give her such a special day.  Matt and I truly enjoyed it as much as she did.  What a wonderful memory of our little girl, immersed in being just that...a little girl.  The world tries so hard to make her grow up so fast and as parents, we just want her to live in the moment of who she is.  This trip was just that.  We watched our little girl lost in the innocence of imaginative play and the excitement of friends who she gives a voice to.  Thank you God for the blessing of these special memories.  We pray that Lily Grace continues to grow at her pace and not that of the world or its influences.  Thank you for always being with her.
In two short weeks we will take our sweet girl for another special day, the first day of First Grade.