Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope your day starts and ends with tons of love!!
Love never fails... 1 Corinthians 13

Music to my Ears

Mrs. Jones is a wonderful music teacher and we are so thankful to her for creating such a special evening. 

Play Video and Enjoy!
This was her final song, Song of the Wind.  I love her cute bow circles. The smile that comes across her face as she nears the end knowing that she has done a good job is just priceless!!!

Lily Grace started the violin around the beginning of December so she's only been playing just a little over 2 months.  She practices most every day for 30 minutes and for the most part, does so without complaint and by her own initiative.  
Beginning mid December, she had only been taking lessons for 2 weeks when the music school held Winter Recital.  Her music teacher Mrs. Jones felt that it was too soon to throw her in to that.  Instead, Mrs. Jones held a mini recital last night for Lily Grace and one of her other students.  It was so sweet.
Lily Grace performed three songs, A Twinkle Variation, Lightly Row and Song of the Wind.   She did a beautiful job. When it was all over she kept telling us how proud she was of herself and simply beaming with pride.  Her constant smile said it all.  Later in the evening, she confided in us that she was really scared at home but "just did it." Lily Grace, daddy and I would have never known that you were scared beforehand.  You handled it like a pro and you should be proud because you did do it and not only that, you did it very well!!!
We love you Lily Grace!  Thank you for performing for us. We are so, so proud of you!

A BLIZZARD...Not Your Milkshake Variety

This is what we woke to Saturday morning and the garage was the only way out with the doors blocked with snow

Casualty to the weather- the tree and the new fence

So funny- as we opened the garage door Saturday morning, the deer were going by and looked just as amazed as we were.

Getting started on a cold and daunting task 

Making progress with the first pass oh! and a helper of course

Bundled up cuteness filled with excitement- She loves the snow!

That's how I feel about it Molly

Not the delivery we were hoping for

Matt with his pride and nemesis on Sunday afternoon- each time the plow truck goes by, it piles snow at the end of our drive and Matt is constantly having to go out there and keep the end shoveled off

Have mercy!  Apparently, New England is determined to turn this southern family into Northerners.  We have just weathered our first blizzard.  Actually that is an ongoing statement with at least a foot of snow still on the ground as I type 6 days after the snow started and Lily Grace just returning to school after a week home.  
I must say, it was a most unbelievable sight.  (let me just interject here how sick I am at looking at snow)  We managed quite well and Matt, while he has had to plow the drive before, got quite the workout with this one.  It took almost 3 hours to plow through the 24+ inches of snow.  We woke to our doors blocked and in some places, tall drifts had come up to the window seals.  
Lily Grace was beyond excited and couldn't wait to get outside.  With the blistering wind and whipping snow it was short lived as it was just too overwhelming to stay out very long.  She ventured out on numerous trips to help Matt keep up with the drive and make a few snowballs. 
Molly is still a bit confused by the whole scene.  Let me just say, being a dog owner is brutal during a snow storm.  Thank God we have a breezeway, but still it's a chore.  Thank goodness that about 12 inches down we had a sheet of ice from the sleet so Molly could actually stand up to go outside. Matt did his best to clear her some paths but really, all that snow has to go somewhere and there's already mounds everywhere.  
To be honest. this southern family managed quite well.  We were among the first to get our drive cleared as many were still digging out Sunday afternoon and still some yesterday.  
We did have half of a large old tree succumb to the heavy snow and high winds Friday night and fall across the backyard, luckily missing the house.  Looks like the whole tree will have to go and hey- with any luck, so will this snow!!!
Here's wishing us all warmer weather!