Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silly Sock Day

It's Vacation Bible School week and today is Silly Sock Day.  According to Gracie, silly socks are fun but you should at least match colors with your outfit.  HA!  Too cute!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

A card made by Gracie is always the BEST gift!

Strawberry Tart

We have spent a lot of birthdays together.
On the Green before a birthday lunch with Daddy
Today is Matt's birthday.  We started celebrating on Friday when he got home from work.  Lily Grace surprised him with a card she made.  We also showered him with a few gifts, cooked several of his favorite foods and whipped up a yummy Strawberry Tart.  
Lily Grace and I love planning for and doting on Matt.  He does so much for us.  We are so very blessed.  
Happy Birthday Matt!  We love you so very much. We couldn't come close to making you feel as special as you truly are, but I hope we made you feel a little extra special nonetheless.  You are an amazing husband and father.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Trip Down South

Could she have possibly strapped on anything else to carry?

At least we didn't have to sit still for 8 hours.  However, it takes a lot of creativity to bring along half the house.  Poor Matt!

Lily Grace and Honey enjoying lunch after church

Tanner, Jessica and Lily Grace at Putt-Putt.  It wasn't until I  was transferring the pictures to my computer that I noticed Lily Grace's face.  Too funny!  

Excitement can be a little tiring.  

Sweet Molly...happy to be home herself 


We made our first trip back south last week a year after becoming residents of the Northeast.  
It was the first time we had to fly, rent a car and fit all we could into suitcases for a trip to visit family. Before now, we would have just driven the eight hour trip with the car packed down.  
We flew into Alabama and Lily Grace had one thing on her mind.  Bingo!  That's right, Bingo- the game.  My grandmother, Honey (Yes, that is what all the grandchildren call her and honestly, most people probably don't even know her real name, Clara.) lives in a retirement complex and there are always activities going on.  Honey is in charge of Bingo and Lily Grace was so excited to visit and play along with Honey and her friends.  We did just that.  We had a great time  and it was fun to watch Lily Grace interact with everyone. She can definitely bring out a smile.  
Her second big request on our trip to Alabama was Putt-Putt.  This came out of the blue, but Cousin Jessica and her boyfriend Tanner were happy to oblige.  Actually, they were quite patient (Gracie lugged Molly Baby on this trip and yes, that meant to Putt-Putt as well. We all took turns holding her while Lily Grace putted or conveniently forgot to keep up with her. Even Tanner, who we had just met that evening took a turn holding her while Lily Grace putted.) and made her feel so big and special.  
Jessica also pulled out her old American Girl doll, Samantha and she and Lily Grace got busy dressing and styling.  Lily Grace was in heaven.  
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Pam were kind enough to serve us a big delicious meal each night and we all enjoyed some game time.  
Leaving Alabama, we headed to Florida to visit with Gran, Grandma and Grandpa.  We had a good time visiting and filled up on boiled peanuts.  
Our trip back south was fun (and hot!!!!) and we had a great time visiting with family and spending time together, but we were all so happy to get back home to our own beds and to see Molly.  There's just no better place on earth.  
Thanks so much to our family for hosting us, feeding us and putting up with us.  We had a great time!