Sunday, August 11, 2013

20 Years of Blessings

This past week, Matt and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  That's right!  20 years!!!!!  Throughout our 20 years, we have experienced many changes.  This anniversary proved to be no different bringing with it a MOVE.  You read correctly, we are moving AGAIN!
This year has flown by here in CT since Matt was promoted and we left TN.  Now he's been promoted again and we are off to Indiana where the corporate office is located.  We found out just a few weeks ago.  While we were both surprised, we wasted no time getting our thoughts together and making plans.  We reminded ourselves that God has a plan and He knows best.  Again, we are so very blessed by Matt's job.  He is very excited about his new position and we are so proud of him.
We knew that with school starting in about 5 weeks we had to move quickly.  We didn't want Lily Grace to have to start school twice.  We put our house up for sale on a Monday and on Tue. at lunch, we had an offer.  Our house sold in 24 hours.  God is good and again His timing is always perfect.  
Last week, we made our first trip to Indiana to look for a school and a house.  The school hunt went very well.  We found an amazing school for Lily Grace where I know she will grow in her faith and academically.  Lily Grace loved the school and the people.  
The house hunt was a little different story.  There isn't a lot of inventory in the area we wanted.  We found a house I loved but it wasn't in the area I loved.  By our third day, Matt and I were getting a little stressed and worried that we wouldn't find the right house.  Let's just say that tears were shed and it was Lily Grace that reminded us not to worry that Jesus would take care of it.  God never seems to surprise us at how He gets the message to you when you most need it sometimes. Lily and I woke early the next morning and the picture above was the view from our hotel room.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  
Needless to say, Jesus took care of everything and we found the perfect house.  We are looking forward to the move.  Indiana reminds me a lot of the south and the area we are moving to is very family oriented.  The people are so nice.  
I certainly didn't expect to be spending my 20th anniversary in Indiana, much less moving there.  Again, God has a plan for all of us.  He certainly did 20 years ago when he sent me my best friend.  Matt and I have been though a lot of change in 20 years, both good and bad.  Through it all, I always know that he's there. He knows absolutely everything about me and it's comforting to know that I can just be me.  
Marriage takes work, commitment, honesty, and above all faith.  Faith in one another and most importantly faith in God.  I can't imagine not having Christ at the center of our marriage.  God has blessed us as best friends, husband and wife, parents and in numerous other ways as well.  
The secret to 20 years....I don't have it.  I only have experiences that I've shared in with Matt and we've tried to learn from them along the way. We love being married and it's a huge priority to us.  We truly value one another.  We also share a deep love for Christ and know that He is most definitely a big part of the recipe.  He has seen us through so much.  
Matt and I have been together since our first day of college.  We've basically grown up together and continue to do so daily.  Matt thank you so much for being my best friend, my other half, a wonderful father and a true blessing for 20 years.  I adore you and love you very much.  
And of course...Thanks be to God!