Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrating in Chicago

Family Day 7 Years Later

Monday, January 6, 2014

And I thought Connecticut was cold and snowy but.......

The girl can work a snow shovel and we actually have to USE our snow markers here in IN.

both of them...

...completely unaffected

The wind is blowing so hard today that it's created little dunes out of the foot of snow in our backyard.

Coming from the south, this is NOT what you are used to seeing and I never even saw it in CT.  Check out that windchill.  Lily Grace managed herself a snow day from this one for both today and tomorrow. 
Snow days from school don't come easily here.  
Life just moves on.  When is Spring???

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!! 2014

Happy New Year!  I hope this finds you all ready for a new year.  We've enjoyed the past couple of days celebrating and making memories. 
Scott, Kathy, Lily and Max came to visit and help us ring in the new year.  We have had so much fun!!!!  This was our first time to meet Max.  He was so funny and kind. (and has "the best" model pose around- hilarious!) We can see why his parents speak with pride when they talk about him.  
We enjoyed dinner out, long conversations, staying up until midnight for two nights straight (even the girls managed to hang in there), a girl's day of pottery painting and shopping, a boys day touring Matt's plant and learning about wire (ok..I bet our day was more fun), fireworks, a major snowball fight in the basement and several hours of air hockey that lead to a championship.  Congratulations Max!  
The best part of this New Year's celebration was celebrating with friends who each time they come feel like family.  Friends who see you all put together and in your pj's and could care less either way.  We feel very blessed to live so close to one another and again thank God for this blessing.  
And the girls....oh those two girls.  They have played their hearts out and just as they started their little lives together, this year they started a new year together and that is pretty special.  Kathy and I just said this morning how amazing it is that seven years later here  we are celebrating the beginning of a new year together.  Thanks be to God!
Thanks again "L" family for the memories and laughs.  We'll see you next year!!!!!
Rather than post several pics of this and that over the past days, I'll leave you with a few pics that depict how this visit went, beginning to end.

T-tam!!!!!!  Hurry Back Y'all!