Monday, May 12, 2014

An American Girl Party

This past weekend, Lily Grace had her 8th birthday party.  The theme this year was American Girl. 
This year, the party was extra special.  Now living so close, Lilyana was able to come.  Lily Grace was beside herself with excitement.  These girls had the best time this weekend and it's always heart warming to watch them together.  The rest of us have a great time too! 
Lily Grace invited the girls from her class as well as a friend from our neighborhood.  (On a side note, Kathy and I got the biggest kick out of Lily Grace and Lily very matter of fact letting the other girls know they were China sisters and watching the other girls try and figure it out.  What a special bond they share.  So sweet!)
Now let me just say, with 13 girls in a room, wow!!!!!!!  Kathy, I can't thank you enough and owe you some serious painting time or whatever else you may ask for.  You have earned your wishes.  HA!  
Matt, as always, you are an amazing dad and you hang in there like a trooper.  (Scott and Max you were cowards smart. HA!)
Lily Grace, daddy and I cherish party days with you.  The memories we make are certainly special ones that we will think back on always.  We love watching your excitement and seeing that big smile across your face.  We love you!

When Lily and her family arrived, Gracie got to open two gifts from Max.  The first was this cute and very special t-shirt.  Max had a friend draw a picture of him.  He then had it printed on the front of this shirt.  On the back is printed little sister in Chinese.  I think the smile probably says it all.  Lily Grace adores Max and he is so good to her.  He takes a lot from these girls when they are all together and he does so with a smile and a big heart.  

Max also gave her a pair of Nerf Guns, in pink of course.  

After a few lessons from Max, none of us were safe from her and Lily. 

Two cuties ready to party

8 years old

This is one of mine and Lily Grace's favorite party decorations.  Who knew you could sew paper?  Lily Grace you did an amazing job cutting out all of these circles and painting the banner boards.  I loved working on this with you. 

This year's cake- it was a delicious vanilla cake with strawberry filling

Guest had their picture taken in this girl sized golf club box that we turned into an American Girl box, making each girl the girl of the year.  Lily Grace will include a copy of each girl's picture in their thank you card.  Now that the party is over, this box is being used as a ship.  

Opening gifts: each time Lily Grace opened a gift, a party guest received a gift from her.  We sewed each girl a dress for their doll.

LG modeling the dress the party guests received.  Only difference was a blue ribbon. 

One of the party activities was having Cookies and Canvas come and lead the girls in a painting.  They set up in our basement and so did the dolls. 

The finished project

After painting it was on to cake and the dolls joined us

The girls with their dolls in their new dresses.  We printed a pic for each girl and placed it in the fabric wrapped frames we made for a cute keepsake.

Lily Grace and I love this fabric.

Selfie by Lilyana after a bubble bath and discovering a matching pair of American Girl pet pajamas waiting for them and their dolls

Cozy and cute

The scariest part of the evening- we discovered these two down in the basement doing their nails with neon polish and nail glitter.  They had the best time!

Even Molly got in on some girl time and loved every second of it!

After nails, the girls snuggled up next to each other in their beds, watched a movie until about 12:30 a.m. and then finally called this party day officially over.  What a special day with special people. According to Lily Grace, it was the best birthday ever because Lily was a part of it.  What more could you ask for?
 Blessed are we!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Holy Communion

Blessed are those called to the super of the Lamb.

It is the LORD, who marches before you; he will be with you and will never fail you or forsake you.
...Deuteronomy 31:8