Sunday, June 15, 2014

Family of Flower Girls

This past week, we visited Alabama for my cousin Jessica's wedding.  Lily Grace had the honor of being Jessica's flower girl.  She was beyond excited and loved every minute of it.  
I think we all have a family member that we loved spending time with and looked up to or tried to emulate.  For me, it was my Aunt Pam.  She had long curly hair and she loved make-up and I thought she was the best.  She'd let me style her long hair and would give me her old makeup to play with and I loved spending time with her.  
For Lily Grace, that person is Jessica.  They both love the color pink and everything girly.  Lily Grace absolutely adores Jessica and never tires of  being with her.  Jessica is very good to Lily Grace, spending time with her and taking a real interest in doing things that she knows Lily Grace will enjoy.   
When the invitation came in the mail inviting Lily Grace to be Jessica's flower girl, her excitement was priceless.  I don't think Lily Grace stopped smiling for days and she is still talking about it even though the day has come and gone.  
This trip down the isle was made even more special by the succession of flower girls in our family.  You see, I was my Aunt Pam's flower girl back in 1980.  Jessica (my Aunt Pam's daughter) was  my flower girl back in 1993 and on June 7, my own little girl, Lily Grace served as Jessica's flower girl.  Needless to say, we've kept it all in the family.  Too sweet!
As Jessica and Tanner drove away from the reception, Lily Grace began to cry.  I had to remind her that she wasn't losing Jessica, just gaining Tanner as part of the deal. (no pressure Tanner- ha!)  I was also so happy to know that Lily Grace has that same kind of experience in looking up to someone and looking forward to spending time with them.  I can still remember many of those times. (Thanks Aunt Pam!)  Thank you Jessica for being so sweet to her  and for being a good example to my sweet girl who watches and listens to you so closely.   
Thank you Jessica and Tanner for including us in your special day.  We had the best time and wish you both all the very best. May God bless and keep you both, today and always.    Much love-


As always when we visit Alabama, Lily Grace has to get in a game of Bingo with Honey and her friends at her retirement village.  The fashion glasses didn't help her win by the way.  

She also got in some fishing with Honey and caught her first fish.  She was so excited that she let go of the pole and started jumping up and down screaming before she even got the fish reeled in.  Luckily, daddy is a good catch. 

We also enjoyed a fun family dinner before the wedding which of course included some game time.  

Aunt Pam and Lily Grace after a game of HeadBanz

Jessica and Lily Grace are all smiles at the Bridal Luncheon where Jessica gave Lily Grace a precious keepsake box.

Lily Grace, Jessica and I enjoyed a pedicure and manicure to get ready for the big day.  

So sweet and ready for her big walk down the isle. 

The reception was held in a beautifully renovated barn by a pond colored with flowers and gardens.  

Lily Grace couldn't have been happier with the wedding colors.  It included pink and looks so pretty against the scenic backdrop.

Happy to lose her flower girl shoes for a comfy pair of slippers to run around and party

Jessica and Tanner had a photo booth at the reception.  Let me just say that I think the list of people LG didn't get her picture made with would be shorter.  The girl must have visited that think at least 10 times.  

Me and My Aunt Pam in 1980  (Lily Grace was kind enough to let everyone know that the Bridal Luncheon that while Aunt Pam's hair looked amazing, mine looked horrible. Really??? who doesn't appreciate some good "feathers" on the side?  It was the 80's)

Jessica on the left as my flower girl in 1993.  I'm glad the photographer was able to snap this picture before my sleeves carried me away! HA! In my defense, bigger was better in the 90's.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Second Grade Comes to an End

This past week has been a busy and exciting one.  Lily Grace finished her last day of second grade, but not before being honored with two awards for academic excellence at her school's award ceremony.  
She also celebrated her last day with her own style.  Her school is changing their uniforms next year and the kids were allowed to wear their own clothes for the last day.  According to her, she needed a fun look.  
She was all smiles when she walked out the doors for the last time as a second grader Friday afternoon and most excited to get summer started.  ( to LG that meant coming right home and getting started on the summer work packet the school sent home.)  The girl loves school!  
On Sunday, she had her end of the year violin recital.  She played Bach's Minuet 1 and was accompanied on piano by her violin teacher, Caleb.  They did a wonderful job!
Gracie, daddy and I are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished this year.  Your work ethic, self confidence, love for God and kind heart make you the wonderful girl you are.  
Next stop.....Third Grade!!!
Last day of second grade and looking forward to third

Awards Ceremony

Oh the concentration...

...and exhale!  Love the Curtsy