Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the Road with Lily Grace: A guest post

Mom and I went on a road trip to Indianapolis to see the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis.  We also went to see dad on his birthday because he was there on business. 
On our road trip, we got breakfast at Starbucks, and then started our road trip!  We saw many corn fields.  I took pictures of them because I was the photographer.  When I got tired, Mom watched for the Nestle bunny.  I was sleeping.  When Mom saw it, she woke me up.  I took a picture of it.  When we got to the Childrens Museum, we saw a glass sculpture, a mummified dinosaur, Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors, and lots more! 
On Dad’s birthday, we went to the hotel to meet dad.  When he got to the hotel, I hugged him and he smelled like magnet wire, which stinks.  We went to Mountain Jacks for dinner.  I loved their meal.  After we ate, we went back to the hotel.  I read a couple of pages of my book. 
When I woke up, we went to Starbucks to get a breakfast sandwich.  Then we said goodbye to dad and got in the car for another road trip.  We didn’t go past the Nestle bunny though.  We had alot of fun on our road trip.

A selfie to start the trip

Dropping off Molly

A Molly Ann selfie

Me and mom- two girls on the road

A beautiful red barn in the corn field

I have never had Nestle quick, but mom grew up with this bunny.  He's really big and cute.
I finally got to see this glass sculpture that I read about in my Science book 
in second grade.
There are beautiful glass pieces at the bottom of the sculpture. 

Chinese Opera Singer Costumes

Me building a Chinese Terra Cotta Warrior

Finally, I built him!

One of the real Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors and his horse

My Terra Cotta Warrior pose

A real race car (you have to really stretch out and be long to start it)

I'm glowing!!!

Some American Girls

This mirror made us really short

Daddy loves Indiana Jones.  I found the movie artifacts for him. 

This dinosaur is trying to eat my head off!!!!!

Diggin' for bones

Ahhhhh!  Dinosaurs are trying to break into the museum

A huge Transformer called Bumblebee

Dad's birthday dinner at Mountain Jack's

Mom with the birthday boy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Michigan Holiday

This past weekend, we drove to Michigan to visit the "L" family and celebrate the 4th of July.  It was our first trip to Michigan other than passing through the Detroit airport from time to time.  
We had a great time hanging out, watching the fireworks, fishing, getting wet and seeing the sights.  
Thanks so much to the "L's" for hosting and sharing your quaint little town with us. 

Sporting their matching shirts

A beautiful spot to watch the fireworks from

No, Matt isn't watching the fireworks, apparently he's dreaming about them.

Keeping themselves entertained while waiting for nightfall. 

The Singing Fountain kicked off the fireworks

The best way to watch and enjoy
I love this picture.  It looks like a postcard of summer vacation.

It was a beautiful but chilly day.  It didn't stop these two from getting wet.

Matt and Scott enjoyed a little fly-fishing while  Kathy and I enjoyed the beach and pool with the girls.  Matt was in heaven.  As you can see, little is the operative word  here. 

Downtown Charm
This is how you handle 6 people in a 5 passenger car.  Yes!  He really rode to the pier back there.  It was hilarious.  However, Lily Grace is truly her father's daughter, see the worry on her face.