Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lily Grace: 3rd Grader

Today was the first day of school.  That meant new clothes, shoes, a new backpack filled with supplies and one little girl filled with excitement.  
Lily Grace was so excited in fact that at 1:00 a.m. she comes downstairs into our room and informs us that she is still laying in bed awake and can't go to sleep.  
This morning was no different.  She was all smiles and happily bounced down to breakfast with no fuss about a restless night.  (Matt and I figure the excitement will carry her through today and she should have no problem sleeping tonight. HA!)
I still can't believe that she is starting the third grade.  But she did!  With new school clothes on and her hair in a french braid she walked in with that big smile of hers and after a hug and a kiss, settled into a new year. 
I don't think saying goodbye to her will ever get any easier.  I miss her terribly throughout the day but know that she is truly enjoying school.  She  always has and I pray that she always will.  
Daddy and I are so proud of you Lily Grace.  You are an amazing little girl and such a blessing!  Go and be the best you and make yourself proud in third grade!

A few pics before going to school

Daddy and his girl

First Day family Selfie

Lily Grace was so excited to get Mrs. Hudson as her teacher.

In her new 3rd grade seat

Lily Grace knew that a friend from last year was in her class and was saying how fun it would be if their seats were close together but she knew that probably wouldn't happen.  She was very happily surprised when she went to her new seat and saw that her friend was sitting right across from her.

A Sweet end to Summer Vacation

Lily Grace and I have had a wonderful summer vacation this year.  We have enjoyed both staying busy at times and staying in our pajamas a couple of days too.  
It's cliche but every bit true that time certainly flies by when watching your children grow.  I loved the days of rocking Lily Grace to sleep and carrying her around and this summer, I have really enjoyed all that we can do and share now that she is older. 
From our first road trip to Oragami class (one day I will get the hang of it Lily Grace, just be patient with me) to simply cleaning the house or weeding the flower beds- THANK YOU Gracie Cakes!!!! Thank you for a wonderful summer with memories that I will cherish always.  It truly has been one of the best summers ever!

Daddy and I are so proud of you for mastering your multiplication tables this summer.  We set a goal of learning thorough the 12's and you did it without complaint and worked hard at it! I loved seeing you get excited each time I gave you a test and you beat the timed test and mastered a set.  Great job!

I love it that you really got into reading anything by Laura Ingalls Wilder this past summer.  You still find excitement in the simple and innocent things, without all the violence, grown up words and references,  goblins and all that adult life today tries to pile on kids.  I really enjoyed watching old episodes of Little House too.  I looked forward to cuddling up with you at night to watch.  Now the fact that you wore a bonnet to watch some episodes, referred to me and dad as Ma and Pa- well, that was just over the top and hilarious.  

Dad and I enjoyed going swimming with you this summer.

We did a good bit of cooking this summer and that was a lot of fun.  You are getting quite good in the kitchen.  I especially enjoyed when we made homemade Blueberry Jelly and canned it ourselves.  It was the first time we had canned and I still laugh when I think about how excited you and I got and cheered when we heard the jars pop to let us know we had done it right and they were sealed.  

The Frozen obsession has lived on throughout the summer as you took on playing Let it Go on your violin.  You were soooo excited to start that piece and to play a song with 8 sheets of music.  

Getting an oil change was better with you along

Dad and I enjoyed our trip to Science Central.  I loved watching you and daddy explore.  You were both in your element.  Your confidence is one of your best traits.  You don't hesitate to volunteer.

Even though daddy had to be away on our 21st wedding anniversary, you still tried so hard to make it special and I thank you and love you for that!  You are so thoughtful and your heart is bigger than your little body.  

I loved all of our lunch dates.

I enjoyed our pedicures.

What a sweet way to end our summer vacation.  Touring the De Brand chocolate factory was a lot of fun!