Monday, September 29, 2014

A Wedding in Savannah

This past weekend, we flew down to Savannah, GA for a family wedding.  Our nephew Zachary married a very sweet girl named Aimee.  Lily Grace served as one of the flower girls.  Of course, she was thrilled and had a wonderful time doing so.  
We had a great time exploring a little of  Savannah and seeing family.  
We are so happy for Zachary and Aimee. They make a sweet couple and we wish them a long life of happiness.  Thank you both so much for inviting us to share in your special day.  We were honored.   
May God bless you and keep you today and always. 

On our way to Savannah-  Gracie in her fashion glasses, Matt just along for the ride as usual and me- well, who decides to cut their hair off on the morning they are leaving for a wedding?  Me I guess
We stayed at beautiful boutique hotel in the downtown historic district.  Honestly, it was like a little vacation staying there.  There was so much to see and do.  Not to mention, the annual jazz festival was going on across the street.  We ventured over for a bit one night and it was quite lively.
Lily Grace loved the ornate beds.
There were all forms of art throughout the hotel- paintings, ornate mirrors and frames, sculptures and even hats.  Lily Grace loved the hats, especially the pink frilly ones.
The violin sculptures really peaked Lily Grace's interest.  
Once down south and settled into our room, Lily Grace and I wasted no time digging  into some boiled peanuts.  Thank you for lugging peanuts from Florida for us Grandma and Grandpa.  
We strolled the riverfront on Friday and did a little shopping.
Aunt Debbie and Lily Grace did a little jewelry shopping.  Thank you Aunt Debbie for the clip on earrings and necklace.  You were a fun shopping buddy.  And yes, I realize there is a lot of pattern going on in that outfit.  Her Aunt Vel spoiled surprised her with some new scarves and some new fashion glasses.  :-)
We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and of course some good southern grits.  
A beautiful park on our way to Mass.  The moss filled trees just scream Savannah.  
We attended Mass on Saturday at the Cathedral.  It was absolutely amazing and the paintings were unbelievable.  

The pipe organ was located in the balcony at the back of the church and I would have given anything to have heard it played while we were there.

No shortage of parks and sculptures
Lily Grace and the bride, Aimee getting ready for the ceremony.  Aimee is such a sweet girl.  She looked beautiful.
Aimee and Zachary were married in this adorable little white chapel.  It was so charming and it's over 100 years old.  The inside pews even have the swing out locking panels at the end of each pew. 
Lily Grace and her cousin Mason, who also served as the best man.  These two together are a mess. 
The reception was held at Aimee's family owned winery  It was so very pretty and intimate 
The Wedding Party
Lily Grace and her cousin (the groom) Zachary.  We are so proud of and happy for him.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Fall

The weather is turning cool and the evenings are chilly.  Fall is certainly in the air here in Indiana.  While tomorrow is the first official day of Fall, Lily Grace has enjoyed a little mini Fall break with a four day weekend from school while the teachers have in-service.
On Friday she visited her daddy at the office for a snack break and sat behind the desk to "get a little work done."  She even keeps a folder there in one of his desk drawers. I can assure you that her daddy wouldn't have it any other way.   :-)  
Today, she enjoyed having her good friend Emma from school over for a playdate.  They didn't waste a minute of their day together.  They enjoyed crafting, baking, lunch, time outside and tons of  good ol' play.  Molly of course put herself right in the middle of it all.  
As for me, I've been spreading a little fall decor throughout the house and I got to have my girl home for two extra days. I couldn't be happier. The fall season is certainly off to a great start.