Saturday, October 25, 2014

3rd Place Glitter Pumpkin

Lily Grace entered our local Fresh Market's pumpkin decorating contest.  Today she was awarded 3rd place for her pumpkin.  She won a $15 gift card for her age group and couldn't have been happier.  
She wasted no time making her first purchase, a red velvet cupcake.  
Congrats Gracie!
Turning in her decorated pumpkin last week- all glittered up

Today, with her $15 third place prize and one yummy red velvet cupcake

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ear Piercing Day! by LG

Today was a very exciting day! I got my ears pierced! I was supposed to get them done at 12 in the first place. I got to do this early because I had all A's on my report card. I took one of my friends, Emma and Daddy took off work to come. I chose daisies with a pink middle and crystal petals. I was a little nervous and very excited. When I got to the place, I felt like backing out, but I didn't. At the place, they had some comfy chairs that were a lot like ones you would find at a pool. When they took me into the room, I was super scared. The marker felt super sharp. Then it came to the piercing. I had the piercing done at the same time instead of one at a time. It HURT!!!!!! Why don't they numb your ears before piercing your ears? After piercing, we went to Biaggi's restaurant. My ears still stung for a while, but they felt much better by the time I got home. Emma and I played while Mama and Daddy hung pictures in their bedroom. Thats all for now! I'm off to enjoy my new pierced ears!!!

Me and Emma getting ready at the dermatologist office!

Yow!  Sharp marker!

Oh no! 

1,2,3 shoot!

Ouch!  That hurt!

At Biaggi's for lunch 

Yum! Ice cream makes everything better!

Close up of my first earrings

I don't even feel my earrings anymore!