Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Family "Mexi-casian" Day: 8 years

Friday, January 30th, marked our 8 year Family Day anniversary.  We don't exchange gifts on this day, but as always spend it just as we did in China.  We spend it together as a family and try to do something new.  China was quite the adventure to live up to but we have fun each year when this special day rolls around.  
This year when we approached Lily Grace about how she would like to spend the day, she requested, "tamales."  Yes, you just read that correctly.  Lily Grace is a little taken with her Spanish class this year and has really immersed herself in it.  Not sure why this year is any different but she can rattle off lots of spanish with a great accent and has even requested a trip to Mexico for this year's summer vacation to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Matt and I love it that she takes such an interest in what she is learning and in her Catholic faith.  (I'm sorry to report however, we will not be vacationing in Mexico but instead MT for a trip to Yellowstone.)  
With that said, they also watched a video in Spanish class about real homemade tamales and you guessed it!  She would like a fiesta celebration complete with tamales.  Have mercy!  Really??? Tamales!!  I love to cook and I think I'm pretty good at it but tamales, that's a whole other league.  
Nonetheless, with Matt laughing and encouraging the whole thing, I agreed.  Oh!  I should mention that a piñata was also requested to end the day.  Why not?
I have to tell you, we had a wonderful Family Day.  The whole fiesta thing has left us with a lot of memories and laughs.  Lily Grace stayed home from school, Matt took off work and I stressed but managed to put out some homemade (Please note I use the word homemade and certainly not authentic.  I think the recipe I found was a little loose and forgiving.) tamales.  
We ate, played games, hung out, read our old blog, shared memories and ended what we deemed "Mexi-casian" ( a combo of Mexican and Asian) Day with a piñata, lots of love and thanks to our Heavenly Father for our family.  
We are so very blessed.  Thanks be to God!
We had a festive and colorful dinner table

We even managed to find and light a candle for  Our Lady of Guadalupe at dinner

Yes, we used real corn husks which have to soak.  The husks are then filled with masa which we made and then topped with pork which I cooked all day for about 7 hours.

Once Gracie and I assembled our tamales we put them in the steamer basket for about 45 minutes.

And there you have them: Tamales

Gracie enjoyed swinging at the piñata after dinner.  Molly found the whole thing very exciting.

In an authentic celebration I'm guessing that Hershey Kisses and pink Tic- Tacs probably aren't among the traditional fillers.  HA!

LG and I also spent Family Day doing a little 80's throwback crafting.  Come on girls!  Who remembers these ribbon barrettes? Lily Grace is obsessed with making them now.

Cutest blessing

Family Day