Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of 4th Grade

Today was Gracie Cakes last day of school.  She's had a wonderful and fun filled week. The week started with mass like always on Monday, but LG did the first reading and afterwards received an award for Excellence in Language Arts.  
She enjoyed two dress down days this week and field day.  Today they even had a scheduled one hour delay.  Life is good!
Today she enjoyed time with friends and it was announced that she had won the Accelerated Reader award for the most points in fourth grade, only to be topped by finding out that she was also the overall school winner K-8.  She was so excited to share the news when I picked her up.  
LG you are such a wonderful student and an amazing little girl.  Daddy and I are so very proud of all that you do and the kind, funny and talented person that you are growing into.  We love, love, love you!!!!  
Here's my fourth grader this morning before her last day of school.
Molly's all smiles because she gets her buddy for the whole summer.
And here they are this afternoon, best friends and now....Fifth Graders

Saturday, May 14, 2016

These Glasses aren't just for Fashion...they're better to see you with!

A few weeks ago, Lily Grace went for her annual eye exam.  It was determined that she was a little nearsighted.  At the end of the exam, I realize what's coming.  The doctor turns to Lily Grace and me and gently says, "I would go ahead and put her in glasses."  Now mind you, she says this somewhat cautiously. I'm guessing that her tone is in an effort to break it to LG.  Little did she know, that this girl has been obsessed with fashion glasses for about a year, wearing several different styles for any and every occasion.  I on the other hand was a little caught off guard as Gracie has always had such good eyesight.  I'm also thinking to myself, wait for it, wait for it....and there it is!!!  This huge smiles comes across LG's face and she is thrilled.  
With eyes dilated, she tried on several pairs in search of the perfect pair of glasses.  That didn't happen.  It was hard for her to see and I think it was little overwhelming.  We left and went home to talk it over as a family and searched the web for ideas on what it was she was after.  With  a few key points in mind, we went back to the eye doctor the next day in search of glasses.  Now that she could see and with a few ideas, we found the perfect pair. They are quite adorable and Gracie looks as cute as a button.  
You can "see," she wears them well.  
This pair was a contender.  She loved the pink color and shape.  After a little thought, she realized that after a few months,she may get tired of seeing this color on her face.
Another possibility
Getting closer to finding the right one 
And the winner is....a little oversized tortoise frame with a light pink inside
A week later, one excited little girl went to pick up her new glasses after school.

So excited!  So adorable!!!!!  She couldn't wait to get to the car and FaceTime her daddy.  We also went straight to Vera Bradley for a cute eyeglass case.

On her first day of school with her new glasses, she asked to have her hair curled and couldn't wait to get to school and show her teacher as classmates her new look. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

I am Blessed Beyond Measure....Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  I've  had the best weekend.  Matt and Lily Grace have worked so hard to make Mother's Day so special.  They've loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, made several meals and even helped me work in the flowerbeds without complaint.  I have to be honest, it was more than just a little gardening.  We have several large beds and they were in need of some fresh mulch.  We  had a large dump truck bring us a load and the three of us spent Saturday spreading it out.  I have to say, we all enjoyed it.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Mother's Day weekend.  We laughed, worked together, enjoyed a beautiful spring day and LG even learned to drive the mower.  I can't count the number of times I stopped just to watch her and Matt together.  Those two are my everything.  We ended with much needed showers, pizza for dinner and all three of us piled into bed and watched some classic TV shows.  
Sunday morning Lily Grace surprised me with the most adorable gifts that she's been working on.  She is so thoughtful and loving and of course those kinds of gifts melt my heart.  
Matt gave me a commissioned painting from Ashley Anthony Artwork and the Good Lord continues to bless me beyond measure. 
Thank you Heavenly Father for your unconditional love.  Thank you for the gift of motherhood.  It is truly one of my greatest blessings and moves me in the biggest ways.  I'm moved to be a better version of myself and to do right by the gift that you have entrusted to me.  Thank you for the blessing of Mary.  What a wonderful model of love and faith that you have  given to guide us in our daily live as moms.  
Matt and Lily Grace, thank you!  My cup certainly does runneth over.  I feel quite guilty that I should be celebrated today for being a mom because honestly, I am the one who is honored.  I love you both so very much!  Gracie, you are the best part of me!
Gifts from Gracie: She made me a bag filled with goodies.  I got an adorable card, some recipes, one of her Georgia O'Keeffe flower drawings and some coupons.  We got the biggest laugh off some of the coupons she came up with.  Notice how Matt got included in a few.  Too cute!