Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Era Day! Totally 80's

Each year, Lily Grace's school holds Era Day.  The 5th-8th graders are allowed to come to school dressed in the era.  They trade classes learning about the time and have a fun activity to end the day.  
This year, it's all about the 80's.  Of course, I was beside myself with excitement being a child of this time.  Gracie had to reign me in.  I had millions of ideas and of course, so did she. 
It was so much fun seeing flashes of neon and big teased hair when I dropped her off this morning.  According to Gracie, she still doesn't get the whole big hair thing and just rolls her eyes when she looks at old pictures of me. Needless to say, it was a little out of her comfort zone to wear her big high pony off center this morning, so teasing it was definitely out of the question.  
We rode to school listening to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I Love Rock'n' Roll.  
It was "like totally" so much fun! 
Sporting her fringed puffy paint slouch shirt that read, "Like Totally," along with her neon pink leggings, purple converse, denim skirt, neon fingerless gloves, jelly bracelets and of course a pink hair scrunchie
Couple of cuties from the 80's after school
According to Lily Grace they had a lot of fun today.  One of their activities was making and exchanging friendship pins for their shoes.  Totally remember these!  Cute!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Peter Pan- 5th Grade Musical

Being in the fifth grade, Lily Grace got to try out for the school musical.  She got the part of Iridessa, one of the fairies. 
She has been so excited and loving every minute of it.  Practices started in late January.  Through weekly practices twice a week until 5:30, she has been a real trooper.  She continued to maintain high honors and keep up with her homework, chores and violin. 
This past weekend, she had three performances.  She was ADORABLE!  She even opened the show with a small solo.  Melt my heart!
Lily Grace, daddy and I are so proud of you.  You did an awesome job!  We were honored to sit and watch you perform both nights.  
You are AMAZING Grace! 
She was so proud and excited to wear her cast shirt to school on Friday to promote the weekend performance.
Having you best friend come to your first performance makes it even better!

All smiles after the last performance