Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I woke to a little scavenger hunt created by Lily Grace.  At the end of the hunt I found a gift box she had made along with a handmade card and the most precious of gifts.  Lily Grace made me a new Rosary.  It's beautiful and oh so special! The fact that a Rosary was on her heart to make and her little hands did the work of beading it for me, means the world to me.  
As she gets older, I find myself talking to the greatest mother in the world more and more, Blessed Virgin Mary. I ask her to pray for me to be a good mom, to be what Gracie needs and to ask her son, Jesus, to guide my family in all that we are and do.  
Gracious and loving Lord, thank you so much for the example of Mary.  You chose her among all women and she said "yes" to your call.  She loved you and cared for you as in infant, believed in you and nurtured you as you grew, and watched you ultimately give your life for us all.  Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us!
Happy Mommy's Day!

Gracie Cakes, this was such a wonderful surprise and a beautiful way to start the day.  I will cherish it always.  

Thank you Lord for the blessing of motherhood.  Thank you for blessing me beyond what I deserve, loving me past my faults and letting me enjoy the blessing of this wonderful angel on earth each and every day.  

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