Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten

Just before leaving home on the last day of Kindergarten for her program.  PJ's and fuzzy slippers
Cute night themed program
Picnic and fun at the park after the program

Lily Grace and her wonderful Kindergarten Teachers: Mrs. Cassman and Mrs. Jones

Seems like just yesterday that I was blogging about Lily Grace's first day of Kindergarten and now, here we are at the end.  
It was a very bittersweet day for all of us, just like the first day was.  We were all filled with excitement about her accomplishments, but also know that it's a phase that we will now hold as a memory.  
Lily Grace and I have walked to the school doors together every day, since the first day, in both rain and shine.  It's one of the things I have loved most.  She would often ask me if I would still walk her in, even when she was a big girl. We shared a hug, kiss and a kissing hand and then she'd walk in as I reminded her, "I love you!  Be the best you!"  Last week, I cried every morning on the way back home.  On the very last day we walked to the school doors, I tried to remind myself to take it all in.   I made sure to take a good look at our shadows on the sidewalk and held her hand extra tight, remembering how it felt in mine.  How I will cherish those days always.  We have had the best talks and laughs riding to and from school and being her room mom and seeing her on my lunch duty days was just the icing on the cake. 
She has been cared for and taught by two amazing ladies and loves  them dearly.  They will always hold a special place in our hearts.   
Kindergarten celebrated the last day with a pajama themed music program and a picnic afterwards.  What a wonderful way to spend the day!  
The end of Kindergarten has also brought with it her first loose tooth.  Be sure and check back, the tooth fairy could be visiting any day.  
We are so proud of you Lily Grace.  You are growing into an amazing big girl.  We love you so very much and we are so proud to be your mommy and daddy!  You are going to make an AWESOME first grader!