Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We're an Easily Entertained Bunch!

The latest apple software update offers a new markup tool and we have all taken a turn at getting some laughs from each other.  Yes, we are an easy bunch!

In between checking homework, I tried to lighten the mood for Gracie and started it all.

Lily Grace then sent this hilarious number to Matt while he was away on business and it gave us all a good laugh.  Made me laugh so hard that I set it as my screen saver. 

Matt returned the gesture to us and created this while awaiting flight take off.  He sent it to me during Lily Grace's violin lesson.  I nearly fell out of the chair laughing, all while trying to keep my composure and not disturb Gracie's lesson.  Afterwards, when I showed her, she let loose with laughter and we both agree that he totally outdid us.  Hilarious!  
What can I say?  We just threw her in for fun and started Matt's morning off in Raleigh, NC with a laugh!  

Monday, September 12, 2016

He's a Boilermaker! His First Day of School- Again!

Matt was very blessed in landing a wonderful job right out of college.  He has moved up quickly over the past 20 years and loves what he does.  His job has provided many opportunities for Matt and our family.  We are beyond blessed and thankful!
One thing Matt has always wanted is his Executive MBA to go along with his engineering degree.  Matt brought up to his company how they should consider sponsoring executives to do just that at a great university and on campus.   They heard what he said and offered to send him along with another colleague.  They joked with Matt and told him it was going to be the Matt S. Scholarship program since he started things in motion.  Again, we are blessed by his wonderful job!
Well, Matt wanted to do more than an online program as I mentioned so he applied with both Notre Dame and Purdue to attend their EMBA program.  He was invited to both universities and in the end he chose Purdue.  He did so mainly because the program schedule worked out best with family life but he is quite pleased with his choice.  
We are only a couple of hours from Purdue.  He will have to periodically attend both one week and two week sessions on campus and attended his first starting today.  
Lily Grace had a few questions about how this worked.  She wanted to know if he would have a locker?  Would he have a homeroom teacher? Would he ask to go to the "lavatory" if he needed to use the restroom during class. (As if using "lavatory" is a more grown up college way of asking) We tried to explain to her how very different and independent college is from elementary school.  She just couldn't imagine just walking out of class if you had to go to the bathroom, or having to take all of your belongings with you in your backpack.  In the end, she simply asked if Matt would have Mr. Eric take his picture with his teacher on the first day.  Clearly, she still didn't get it, but boy I got a big laugh out of the thought of that.  In the end, Matt tried to satisfy her request and sent her a selfie of he and Eric on their way to their first meeting.  Too funny! She got a really big laugh from that.
While the next 18 months will be crazy busy with school, Matt's job, business travel and day to day life, I know we will make it as a family and again, what a blessed opportunity!  Matt's already received emails today from work wishing him good luck and telling him not to stress about things while he's on campus, that someone from the office will pick up any slack.  Well.... I know Matt.  He will do great at school and will still work to do all at the office he was doing before school started and still manage to make family time feel like the most important thing.  That's just the way he is and always has been. He has a discipline that is beyond me.  
As he walked out the door yesterday afternoon to pick up Eric for the drive to Purdue for the week, Gracie yelled out to him what I say to her each morning, "Go be the best you and make yourself proud!"  Matty, you will do great and you have certainly made us proud just by being you!!  We love you!  OH!  Don't forget, all A's!
Matt and Eric at Purdue on their way to their first meeting.