Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from Zorra!

Lily Grace takes Spanish three times a week and loves it!!!  Her Spanish has grown so much.  She's intrigued by many aspects of the Latin/Hispanic culture.  Recently, her Spanish teacher introduced the class to Zorro.  As you can see, it left quite the impression.  Gracie calls herself, "Zorra," the female Zorro.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wrapped in Love

Growing up, my grandmother, Honey was always crocheting.  While I can no longer do it, I can remember Honey teaching me to chain stitch and how to join the stitches.  She is very talented and her beautiful work never ceases to amaze me.  
Lily Grace adores Honey and loves spending time with her which we don't get to do very often with the distance between us.  
On our last visit, she and Lily Grace promised to be pen pals and write and keep in touch often.  Writing, what a lost art in the world of technology. I love that she and Honey share this special bond.  She gets so excited to see letters from Honey arrive.  She in turn puts great thought in writing her replies.  Occasionally, they send each other something special along with their letters.  
Last week, Honey sent Lily Grace a most special creation.  She crocheted a lovely little wrap for Lily Grace.  Gracie was thrilled and we've even talked about how one day, she can pass it on to her little girl.
Thank you God for the blessing of grandmothers who fill our heart with love.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Two Lily's, One Lindsey....all in Louisville

Lily Grace still loves playing the violin and still loves her favorite violinist, Lindsey Stirling.  Lindsey Stirling released a new album a couple of months ago and embarked on a new tour.  Lily Grace loves the new album and has desperately wanted to go and see Lindsey in concert again.  Our first concert took us to Chicago two years ago and this time we headed down to Louisville, KY for the weekend to catch her latest concert.  
Lily Grace has even introduced her friend Lily B. to Lindsey.  The two of them are working together on a Power Point presentation which they will present to their class on Lindsey Stirling and her unique sound for thier Genius Hour.  
We all piled into the car on Friday after school and headed down to KY.  Gracie has been beside herself with excitement.  With seeing Lindsey in concert again and then having a friend come along for the weekend, she could hardly contain herself.  
Before the concert on Saturday, we hit a few attractions.  Who knew that Louisville had such a glass culture?  The girls got to blow their own glass at Flame Run.  They each made an ornament with colors they selected.  It was so hot down on that floor but super cool to watch the artist and even get to participate.  
We also made sure to get in a picture with the large Louisville Slugger Bat.  
To wind down our afternoon the girls enjoyed a little time in the hotel pool.  
Once we all got dressed for the evening, we attended mass at a beautiful church.  St. Louis Bertrand happen to be celebrating their 150th anniversary.  Wow!  It was probably one of the most special masses we have attended.  
The concert did not disappoint Saturday night.  It was really good!!!  I love it that at both concerts she took a moment and spoke of how God works in her life and how you should be your own unique you.  However, I do believe the best part of the show was the beginning.  Gracie and Lily B. got quite the treat.  After the opening act, the crew set up for Lindsey to take the stage.   As the music began in the dark, a silhouette appeared on the stage that appeared to be Lindsey and then it happened!!!  The spotlight shined back our way lighting up the isle by Lily Grace a bit and there she was, she was actually standing and playing in the isle by Lily Grace and once the lights rose enough for everyone to catch on she ran down the isle up to the stage.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  I have to tell you, once I realized what was happening I was screaming and squealing and even Matt got a little amped for Gracie.  Lily Grace was shaking and near tears she was so excited.  Her face had to hurt from smiling so big.  It truly was a priceless moment.  
After the concert, with our hearing gone and the girls with their concert t-shirts in hand, we headed back to the hotel and all piled into our beds to enjoy a little ice cream before calling it a night.  
Thank you God for the blessing of family, friends and fun memories.  

Rebecca was so sweet and thoughtful and put together this special road bin for the girls.  They had special little packages to open at different points in the trip.  She also put together a basket of snacks for our 3 1/2 hour road trip.  We didn't make it 10 minutes down the road without breaking into it.  ha! 


At our hotel all loaded down

Waiting on Matt to come down on Saturday morning to walk us to glass blowing, the girls used the time for some photo ops.  

There are no words...ha!

Getting directions on blowing their glass

Prices of colored glass and the beginning of what would become a round ornament

Expanding the ball of glass by blowing into it as glass artist Whitney shapes it

Look at those red cheeks, it was so hot down on the floor around all the ovens. That's glass artist, Whitney with the girls. 

When we arrived at Flame Run, this artist was working on a piece.  That little orange glow of glass would eventually become a very large angel statue.  We loved watching it change shape over the time we were there.  And can I just say, we learned that working with glass is not only hot but very labor intensive.

Louisville Slugger Museum

Concert Ready

Hitting Fourth Street on our way to the Palace Theater

Two excited girls- as you can see, the girls had the isle seat which made it perfect for seeing and of course, for that chance encounter with Lindsey Stirling

Gotta love daddy- he stood in a massive crowd of people (the concert was sold out) to get the girls t-shirts and then honored their request for a glow drink.  

And there it is...that priceless moment when Gracie realized that Lindsey Stirling was right there at her.  

So excited for her- what an amazing experience!!!

On her feet, dancing, singing and cheering, right to the very end!!