Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A little Decorating

Gracie was able to decorate her locker yesterday.  She hasn't gotten her photos into her magnet frames yet, but she certainly has some sparkle going on with those crystal magnets, pink and gold mirror with rhinestone decals and a pink caddy covered with pink stones.  

Monday, August 15, 2016

5th Grader!!!

Lily Grace started 5th grade today!  I still can't believe that.  She was so excited!  We've had a wonderful summer and kept busy enjoying every minute of it.  She's become quite the cook this summer and along with shopping, pedicures, swimming, summer trips, hanging out with friends, going to the movies and a slew of other activities, we've made the most of it.  
This year she has her closest friends including best friend Lily B in her class.  Oh mercy! She also got the homeroom teacher she was hoping for.  This year she starts changing classes with the other fifth grade and how could I forget to mention, LOCKERS!!!!  She and her friends have been beyond excited knowing that this year they enter the world of lockers.   
She was all smiles this morning and we met up with Lily B and Rebecca to start the first day.  
It still tugs at my heart each year when we send her back to school.  I cherish our time together and savor every moment.  As Matt and I dropped off that cutie sporting silver glitter Converse, we left as two proud parents of one amazing 5th grader.  We love you Gracie Cakes!!
It may have been rainy first day this year but it certainly didn't dampen the excitement,  
Precious...inside and out!
What's better than starting the first day of school with your BFF?  Having your BFF in your class again this year!!

Gracie and Mrs. Bowman 
Gracie Cakes...official 5th grader!

Friday, August 12, 2016

She's been Promoted

Gracie went out to check the mail today and got a special surprise.  
Her cousin Mason is getting married in April. Sarah, Mason's fiancé sent Gracie a cute dress shaped invitation in the mail asking her to serve as her Junior Bridesmaid.  Well you have never heard and seen a little girl so excited.  She was beyond thrilled.  According to Gracie, she's been promoted.  (She has served as a flower girl up to now.) She also informed me that the best thing about being a Junior Bridesmaid are the beautiful dresses and that she looks good in any color.  Lucky for Sarah.  HA! HA!  The girl is just too funny.  
Thank you Sarah and Mason for making one little girl feel quite special.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

23 Years

Mark 10:8"....and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. "

Today marks mine and Matt's 23rd wedding anniversary.  We have spent over half our lives together.  We were merely teenagers when we met back in college.  When I think about our time together, it's this picture that Lily Grace took of us in MT that sums us up.  Matt and I had no idea she had taken it until she shared it later in the day.  Matt had come out to help me wade back to shore as I had gotten a little "stuck" in the current.  This picture is so representative of  marriage.  Sometimes we get stuck, and can easily get swept up in the current of day to day life, but I know that Matt is always there for me and I him, no matter how big or small.  It's being able to count on each other and being vulnerable in front of one another that makes us stronger and truly one flesh.  We have seen and been through a lot over 23 years and thanks be to God, we are more in love today than the day we met and so blessed by each other. We have grown in our faith, in offering forgiveness, in saying I'm sorry, in learning not to worry about the small stuff,  in what's truly important, in love, as parents and as a couple. We aren't perfect by any means, just getting better as we tack on the years together.  
Gracie often talks of when she gets married one day and it really fills my heart with joy to hear her talk about how she sees Matt and I as a married couple and how it's what she seeks.  *On a funny note, Gracie and I had gotten Matt cards for his birthday in July.  She asked if she could read what I had written inside my card.  I told her that she could.  After reading it, she asked if she could save that card after her daddy's birthday.  I was curious about why and she informed me that she would like to put that up and write that same thing to her husband. She said that it was so sweet and so good that she wouldn't have to put any thought into the one she wrote her own husband.  First it touched me that she could read the heartfelt sentiment in what I had written.  I was also happy that she could see the love between her daddy and I and that she had that example of love and marriage.  However, it gave Matt and I quite the laugh at how she thought it would be good enough to just "pass along" to her own husband.  That poor man!  No worries, I have already started praying for him, whomever God may send along for her. 
Special thanks to you Gracie for this very sweet picture, what a beautiful surprise!  I adore this picture and daddy and I love you to pieces.
Thank you God for the blessing of our marriage and for the examples of unconditional love that you have given us throughout the ages.  Gracious Lord, please continue to bless our marriage and guide us as the head of our lives together.