Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Fun!

This past Friday, Lily Grace's good friend Emma came home with us after school.  
These two girls packed in an afternoon and evening of fun!
As soon as we got home they changed into their snow clothes and were out sledding and digging.  
Once back inside, the play continued along with a requested Taco dinner. Afterwards, we were off to the movies to see Paddington. The movie was really cute.  
Talk about excited!!!!  What a wonderful way to start the weekend! I'm pretty sure that Lily Grace would agree that all that excitement made for a great night's rest Friday night too.  

Lily Grace loves being out in the snow and loves the fact that we live where snow stays on the ground most of the winter (which feels as though it lasts most of the year).  I on the other hand am a southern girl through and through- I took these pictures from the window.  Her daddy was watching from another one.  ha! ha!
Apparently when you are eight, you don't feel the cold.
Gathering their snacks before the movie

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Daddy - Daughter Drawbot

Lily Grace loves doing projects with Matt.  They enjoy discussing angles, numbers, how things work and all things technology.  She loves to talk copper wire, conforms and taping machines with him and honestly, she can probably tell you better than I can what Matt does for a living.  ha! ha!
Leading up to Christmas, she saw a book filled with projects to do with your dad.  She added it to her wish list and was very happy to receive it from Santa.  
The first project LG selected for her and Matt to do was building a "Drawbot."  They spent last weekend gathering materials. This weekend they set out to tackle the project.  
As always when working together, there were some bumps along the way (and one on my island thanks to this project and the single digit temps outside forcing them to work indoors...) but by days end,  they had in fact built and tested the drawbot and above all, had done it together.  Both of them were all smiles and very proud.  

Not sure how Matt truly feels about this book. ha! ha!

Two peas in a pod

 Molly's work ethic! HA!

It works!

And there you have it!  Great job!