Monday, January 25, 2016

Lily Fest: A Sleepover

Let me start by saying that Lily Grace requested this post title and I am happy to oblige.  It truly has been a Lily fest around our house.  
This past weekend, one of Lily Grace's best friends Lily B. spent the weekend with us.  Lily B.'s parents were out of town and we had Lily B from Saturday to Monday morning.  This was also Lily Grace's first "official" sleepover.  According to her, it's made official by the fact that Lily B slept over without her parents.  
These two had the best time!  Our house was constantly filled with giggles and all things girlie.  They stayed up until about 10:00 Saturday night, (well that is when they were told lights out anyway) and we could still hear giggles and chatter from upstairs.  They enjoyed sharing the queen guest bed Saturday night and they looked like quite the sight with AG magazines, books and stuffed animals piled in bed with them.  
We slept in a bit Sunday morning and enjoyed late service.  Afterwards we enjoyed a snack at  Starbucks and then a little shopping.  They were too cute as they wore matching hair do's with flowers, strapped on their purses and flaunted huge smiles.  
Once back home Sunday afternoon it was more play after getting their studying done and off to separate beds on time at 7:30.  They woke with smiles Monday morning and it was back to reality at 7:45.  
Matt and I enjoyed hearing their laughter and feel so blessed that Lily Grace has people she can call friends and enjoy special time with.  It truly has been another one of those firsts that Matt and I will cherish.  
Thank you gracious God for this blessing.  This precious girl we prayed for and for all the memories that we share in with her. 
As soon as Lily B arrived, they wasted no time getting busy.  This fort evolved over the weekend into a prairie wagon.  
Showered and ready to play into the night and poor Molly just wanted to be a part of the fun
Nothing like a milkshake and cookie to get the night-time fun started
Getting ready to enjoy a movie
Lily Grace made Lily B a "suite" sign and even gave her an old hotel key to insert upon entering her room.
Though there were laughs, they managed to get their Science and Religion homework done Sunday morning before church.

By Sunday evening this fort was really evolving
Off to school bright and early Monday morning

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Happy New Year! 2016

Ringing in the New Year!