Saturday, July 22, 2017

Take me Out to the Ballgame!

We live a short 3 hours from Chicago and love to visit often.  This past week we visited for a few days to do some shopping and catch the Cubs.  We had great seats and a great time!  We sported our Cubs gear, enjoyed a hot dog of course and cheered along with over 41,00 fans at Wrigley Field.  Even though the Cubs lost to the Cardinals, 11-4, we still had a ton of fun at the ol' ballgame!
From the 20th floor, one of the better views we've had on a stay in Chicago.

While checking in, Lily Grace joined in a conversation with the manager.  She was of course polite as always and can hold her on in a conversation.  The manager, JL, was so taken by her that she sent her up a box of chocolates and a note. Lily Grace was all smiles as I answered the door and the bellhop announced a delivery for Miss Lily Grace.  Too sweet!  JL was delightful herself I might add.  So fun! 

On an evening walk, Matt and Lily Grace stopped and purchased a glow launcher.  They joined some other kids in a square and enjoyed laughing and launching it.  

Of course before heading to see the Cubs, we made a stop in American Girl.  Gracie couldn't wait to go and see Gabrielle, the new doll of the year. 

And of course we enjoyed a little treat at the American Girl Cafe.

Our next stop was the Lego store.

I must admit, I always love going to the Lego store to see the latest sculptures they've created out of Legos.  It's pretty amazing.  

On our way back from shopping, the new Tesla SUV (which cost more than $100,000) was on display.  These two couldn't wait to have a turn sitting in it.  They were giddy as school girls.  They even entered a raffle to win it for the weekend.  

Ready to cheer on the Cubs!

Gracie was bummed they didn't sing Go! Cubs! Go! but she had no complaints about the hot dog.

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