Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Little Park and Fishing

Monday we divided our time heading back to the Firehole in the park where we fished the morning and enjoyed lunch and our favorite General Store Diner and Old Faithful in the afternoon.  We had a wonderful time!
We made a stop in the fly-shop on our way to the park and 
Gracie met a new friend, Rosie.  She was adorable!
Another good day on the Firehole

She actually landed the first fish and then decided to take a 
 break and goof off.
Per tradition, after a delicious lunch at the General Store Diner, these two indulged in a milkshake to take in Old Faithful.  It's our third year to watch Old Faithful erupt and we still get excited to see it happen.

Waiting on the eruption

We got held up for an hour leaving the park due to Bison crossing the road and I snapped this cutie while we waited.

Our next hour delay leaving the park was compliments of elk.  I have to say, this one was pretty exciting because we were front and center in our car for the excitement.  When we first saw them
I thought for sure I had finally come up on a moose.  I am
still anxious to see one.  No such luck!  

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