Saturday, July 1, 2017

Floating down the Madison River

On Tuesday, we had a float trip down the Madison.  We had a great time and landed some beautiful trout.  This year, we floated a part of the river we hadn't seen.  It was a real treat. 
We put in at the Pallisades this year.  Gracie and I goofed around while our guide, Nichole got things ready to go.

Her first one and all by herself.  Look at her work for it.

A nice rainbow trout
On our float down, the Salmon flies were out in force.  
People come from all over to fish the Madison for the few 
weeks that the Salmon flies are hatching.  

This was our lunch spot.  Nothing beats sitting on top 
of a mountainside and looking down at this beautiful sight before you.
Back on the water

Our trip ended at the Sphinx Mountains

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