Saturday, July 1, 2017

An Exciting Day in Yellowstone!

This was our third year to visit Yellowstone and by far our most exciting.  
Yellowstone is 2.2 million acres and this year we ventured over to the far north side.
We started our day into the park at one of mine and Gracie's 
favorite stops in West Yellowstone, breakfast and the 
Running Bear Pancake House.

The north side of the park is absolutely stunning.  Riding through 
these large boulders and the curve that overhangs the side of a 
mountain is really fun and exciting.

Early on in our trip, we got an exciting sight, we pulled over to 
enjoy our first bear sighting in Yellowstone.

Mammoth Falls

When we entered Mammoth City inside Yellowstone, you see 
elk sitting all around the little town square.  This fellow was 
so still that Matt was sure he wasn't real. He even
suggested Gracie get her picture with him.  SURPRISE!! 
He was very real and they wander all around the square 
and are protected by rangers watching over them to make
 sure they aren't harmed and curious onlookers don't get too 
close.  After all, this is their home and we are simply the guest. 

Ha! Ha!  We opted for a distant pic with the very REAl elk.

How adorable is this little post office on the square?

Lily loved all the old cars being driven around.

We made it all the way to the North entrance and then on to 
Lamar Valley.

The Petrified Tree

Once we arrived at the Petrified Tree we got another surprise.  
We sat and watched this Black Bear graze in the meadow 
for about 30 minutes.  It was very exciting and our second 
bear sighting of the day.

We made a stop at Roosevelt Lodge.

You never know who is going to cross your path in Yellowstone.
This time it was a fox.

See that snow capped mountain.  That is Mount Washburn, 
elevation 10,243 ft

We drove all the way to the peak of Mount Washburn 
and while we were out taking pictures it began to snow 
and hail really hard.  The temperature dropped by 
22 degrees.  It was really fun and something 
we won't soon forget. 

A snow pile still melting at the top.

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